Jung-Ok Lee A Study of Two Organ Chorale Preludes of Bach Transcribed by Kempff

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Jung-Ok Lee A Study of Two Organ Chorale Preludes of Bach Transcribed by Kempff


Wilhelm Kempff was one of the greatest pianists of the twentieth century, and his interpretation of Germanic piano literature has been honored in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America by many distinguished musicians and music-lovers. Furthermore, Kempffs activities as a transcriber, organist, and composer are even less well known. But perhaps because he was already sixty-nine years old at the time of his American debut in New York in 1964, his reputation as a pianist tends to be disregarded in English speaking nations? This book will examine: 1) basic transcription techniques; 2) coloration/timbre; 3) fingering to create beautiful legato; 4) pedaling; and 5)... Bachs chorale preludes for organ. Thus this book will introduce Wilhelm Kempffs life and music, and present a study of his solo piano transcriptions of J. Even Alfred Brendel acknowledges in his book Me of All People: I return again and again to Kempff, because he is a pianist who seems frequently underestimated today.

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