Suzanne K. Tebbutt An Examination of Existential Faith

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Suzanne K. Tebbutt An Examination of Existential Faith


The existential believer has this faith whereas the religious believer does not. Unamunos faith of the paradoxical believer is given as a strong alternative to those who find that Kierkegaards existential faith is not a possibility. This book takes seriously the proposition that existentialism is a lived philosophy. With original insight, the book shows that Kierkegaards example of Abraham as a Knight of Faith is incorrect. Philosophy is personal and Kierkegaards writings deal with the development of the person in their aesthetic, ethical and religious dimensions. The book argues that authentic faith actually entails faith. The subjectively reflective existential believer recognizes that a leap of faith is needed; anything else, is just historical, speculative knowledge.

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